Founder’s Message

I would like to take this opportunity to deeply appreciate the great help and understanding extended from those who are involved with our UniQuest incorporation.

Our new dream vehicle “UniQuest Enterprise Pte Ltd” was successfully incorporated in Singapore as of 3 February 2020.

Since I had landed in Singapore back in 2006, to form a company of my own was an ultimate dream of my business life, and with the tremendous support and cooperation from my partner Posh, we have just started sailing across the borderless sea of international trading and marketing, by boarding this new vessel called UniQuest. Our truly unique journey never ends.

Between I and Posh, we have experienced so many business matters in common such as language translation, international cooperation, and all these exchange missions between Japan and Singapore, or oftentimes other European/Asian/American countries. However, as we have our individual strength in different fields – me in international trading and Posh for international marketing data analysis, we are quite pleased to found this new baby UniQuest to combine our different strengths all together so that we can provide a unique point of view and services with our potential customers not only in Asia but also in Europe or North America.

For the time being we are more focused on consumer items trading internationally, and a bit of data analysis/research missions for our customers in Japan and Singapore. We have just begun.

We look forward to seeing and getting to know more people around the world, and co-enjoy the fun of international trading and marketing!

Truly Yours,

Zenith Arikawa