Meet Our Team

Hello! We are an international team with cross-cultural background, deeply seated in Asian roots yet open to international business culture. Please feel free to drop us a message in the contact form.


Born and bred as a Fukushima boy in his childhood, Zen has more than 14 years of experiences in the field of international exchanges between Japanese and non-Japanese business societies. While he was working as a local government official, Zen was dispatched to J-CLAIR and JICA for international cooperation for 4 years. After leaving government sector, he had started his new 5-year career as a professional translator and international trading coordinator at a Japanese trading firm called Japan Machinery. 

To bring forward all his past experiences, he has found UniQuest Enterprise with Posh, to make use of all his expertise and experiences to coordinate and implement exchanges in and out of Japan, Singapore and other countries.


I bring over 13 years of experience to my role, including sales and project management experience working with global clients in the field of digital market research and consumer data insights.

As a result of this experience, I have a seasoned perspective on how to handle multiple projects within a tight schedule, managing client’s expectations, while keeping a close eye on quality and efficiency.

I’m particularly interested in finding new creative solutions to support our clients’ business, ensuring smooth communication and efficient workflows internally, which will contribute to quality customer services.

I’m a graduate of the National University of Singapore, where I majored in Japanese Studies.
I am currently based in both Tokyo and Singapore.